Interstate 2.0 Benefits


  • Travel at 130+ mph in a tight platoon of equally fast cars, along existing, proven interstate highway routes.
  • Drive directly from your origin to your destination - no stopping for airport, train station, security checks, taxis or rental cars


  • Autonomous driving, so no worries about distracted driving due to drugs, alcohol or texting
  • Over-the-horizon data sharing, so your vehicle can respond to emergencies before you could see them
  • Extensive instrumentation to monitor the health of your vehicle, so problems can be identified before a breakdown


  • Electricity is about 1/2 the cost of gasoline or diesel, per mile driven. 
  • Platooning reduces wind friction, critical at high speeds
  • Platooning increases the number of vehicles that can use a single lane
  • The system uses existing land and right of way - no costly outlay for routes or solar farms.


  • Electric vehicles powered by renewable electricity create essentially no toxic pollutants on the highway, and dramatically reduce green house gases.
  • Solar PV is stored automatically in on-board vehicle batteries, plus new  grid storage and natural gas back up generators


  • High-capacity roadway networks can carry streaming content to keep you integrated with your life and your entertainment.  
  • No dead spots, no dropped calls, no boring scenery.


  • Distributed electricity generation along the roadway reduces the potential for terrorist attacks against energy bottlenecks, such as pipelines, refineries and electricty transmission lines.
  • Reduced oil imports mean that we can be independent of geo-political involvements with undesireable oil exporting countries.